Monday, August 8, 2011

If you're looking for a good time...

Ok, so one day I was facebooking and I came across a post on my friend's wall for a "Cute Stuff Sale" hosted by some blogger chick...well, some blogger chick is actually Roo over at NiceGirlNotes...and her Cute Stuff Sales are EPIC! Seriously, her blog is funny and charming...She's a mom that keeps it real and likes to make 90's hip hop references! She's totally easy to relate to and she loves culottes! Ok, so she doesn't really like them, but she has some funny stuff to say about them.

...oh, and back to this Cute Stuff Sale...also known as CSS...they are sporadically annual and basically she hosts a sale of merchandise from her favorite Etsy shops on her facebook page...she posts a pic and description and the first person to claim it gets to buy's fast-paced and lots of fun. I have gotten some really good deals on LilacAve, 2littlefriends, and Sweet Pea Treasures Too.

I suggest visiting the NGN "best of" page and then following her blog and liking her on facebook...I mean, that's what I did...and it's working out pretty well for me!

...and tell her I said "haters gonna hate!"

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