Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh my yum!

I am a fan of coffee drinks. I am by no means and aficionado, but I do like to enjoy a tasty, espresso-laden treat on occasion. My new favorite place is Cafe Moka. The atmosphere is awesome, they are locally-owned, and they support the local community...and their drinks are AMAZING! Seriously, AMAZING! I am in complete lust (I know, it's sinful) with the frozen lattes. They use fresh espresso--did you know that OTHER place doesn't use fresh espresso in the frozen beverages?!?!? CRAZY, I KNOW! Anyway, the fresh espresso makes the drink super tasty, and the texture is much smoother and creamier than those other beverages we are familiar with...(I'm not gonna name names, but we all know who I'm talking about...seriously, not gonna tattle!)...OH--how could I forget?!?!? THEY HAVE 42 FLAVORED SYRUPS!!!!! Yes, FORTY-TWO!!!! Could you imagine the possibilities? ENDLESS! They also do a different flavored whipped cream every week...I know! It's amazing--I knew you'd think so, too!

Irish Cream Frozen Latte with Salted Caramel Whipped Cream

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